1) Furniture - Indoor & outdoor, Wood / Rattan / plastic & metal, Fixed & loose

Fixed & loose This is our core and where we began - we have been furnishing hotels and projects for the last 4 years with the highest quality well priced furniture often helping our clients save money by cost engineering their requirements if they have low budgets. We also retail with our own designs and accessorise it with lights and accessories. click here for retail ....

2) Doors and Door frames

Built at our units in india and china we optimise our potential with furniture and the use of wood by collaborating with german hardware manufacturer partners to create magnificent wooden doors for projects. We use solid woods of your choice and create for you a master piece to opening new doors for you !

3) Bathrooms

Under the brand name Okeanos which in Greek means "god of the waters" We provide the finest bathroom fittings and fixtures for projects providing cost effective high quality futures with 3/5 year guarantees on our products Once you shop with us you will not want to shop elsewhere primarily because of our innovative product line and good pricing.

Quality is matched with and approved by German standards who are partners with us in development of our range of products.